Tonya GJ Prince

j. Sargeant Reynolds community college

No one is free until everyone is free.

~Rev. Dr. MLK Jr.

❃Featured Speaker/Trainer
⭑child sexual violence prevention,

⭑personal testimony,

⭑advocate intervention,
⭑healing the wounds of abuse,

⭑safety planning,

⭑cultural diversity,

⭑addressing the special needs of people w/disabilities
⭑domestic & sexual violence

in Faith communities....

Bs, OrGANizational Management &


bluefield College

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About Me

With over 24 years of service, Tonya GJ Prince is an expert in both domestic and sexual violence.
Her specific service emphasis has been dedicated to, crisis counseling, education, centering the voices of victims and cross-cultural empathy and understanding.

Tonya is an author, activist, advocate, Survivor, speaker, counselor, & mentor.



~Talk, and End Child Sexual Abuse

  • ~Speak, and End Child Sexual Abuse
  • ~The Power of Your Story: How to Share Your Story with an Audience and Change Lives (Child Sexual Abuse Series)

    ~Sexual Misconduct Sourcebook for Schools (contributor)


  • Numerous articles, blog posts, and other content........


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    Professional Experience contd......

    ❃Member of Women of Color Leadership Task Force for two different statewide coalitions
    ❃State Coalition Board Member 
    ❃Member of Leadership Task Force for the merger of a statewide domestic violence coalition with statewide sexual violence coalition. (Dismantling Racism, Social Justice, Organizational Development)

    In Service....

    Group Facilitator: incarcerated women, survivors of domestic & sexual violence

    Court advocate/Advocate: for survivors of domestic & sexual violence

    Counselor/Case Manager: for women & children residing in a safe house

    ❃State Coalition Board Member 

    Outreach Coordinator: for state coalition serving culturally diverse survivors of sexual violence

    ❃Crisis hotline counselor for national hotline serving victims/survivors sexual violence.
    ❃Founder of Braid the Ladder. A not-for-profit organization that gathers and distributes natural hair care products to families residing in domestic violence shelters.